Virgin Red's Linn Frost and Glow London's Emma Harris on mindset shifts in the age covid

In this latest podcast Society Editor Mike Piggott chats to Linn Frost and Emma Harris about mindset shifts in the age of covid. Linn is head of brand & acquisition for Virgin Red, Virgin’s brand new rewards club, and Emma heads up agency Glow London, who are the lead creative agency. They discuss switching from both client to agency side, coping without face to face meetings, looking after the mental health of your teams, staying motivated, and how leaders can plan (or not plan) for 2021.

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Michael Piggott

Michael joined The Marketing Society as Digital, Content & Social Media Manager in 2013. At the end of 2018 he launched the Society's podcast channel, growing it to over 20,000 listens in two years. In 2019 he became Editor, relaunching the Society's main website and launching digital publication, Empower. On the side, he writes and performs spoken word, and is halfway through writing his first screenplay.