Unconventional Leadership with Emily Chang

Emily Chang is the CEO China at McCann WorldGroup and an absolute inspiration. Before McCann, she has worked with all sorts of massive brands across the US and ASIA Pacific - including the enviable, and no doubt sometimes challenging, role of introducing the apple brand to Asia.

It’s easy to assume that different leadership styles are needed in the seeming very different cultures in other regions. She says this is absolutely not true. We are all human and as such there are far more commonalities than differences.  In this motivational conversation she shares her top tips for getting the best from teams. Where ever you are. My top takeaways

  • Be an influencer not a boss
  • Be real. Be unconventional. Don’t feel you have to wear the uniform
  • Hire people for who they are and celebrate their uniqueness
  • Create experiences and intentional space for side by side relationships
  • Hold hands with your peers and have fun with your teams
  • Bring your life to work to accelerate the faith curve
  • People are most productive and loyal when they’re encouraged to be playful.

…and most importantly there should not be a chasm between who you are as a leader and who you are as a human.

Emily's book : https://www.amazon.co.uk/Spare-Room-Intentional-Authentic-Purpose/dp/1642937622

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