The Whole Marketer Ep92 - Slow the Fu%k down with guest Emma Harris

Episode #92. The holistic topic

discussed in this episode is finding balance in work and life aka ‘Slow the Fu%k down’. 

This episode is a

reminder that whilst marketing is a fast-paced,

challenging yet

change-making and rewarding profession, it is only one part of our lives as a whole and we need to be able to recognise signs of burn out and re-evaluate priorities if the overwhelm from our marketing role is becoming too much. 

Abby’s guest sharing her story is Emma Harris, founder and chief of brand consultancy agency Glow London. Emma previously spent 10 years leading growth at Eurostar and is a trustee for Marketing Academy Foundation as well as passionate about mentoring. 

A health crisis in 2022 led Emma to spread the message to those in our profession to slow down and make choices to look after yourself. 

Emma shares her terrifying health scare plus her view on our industry’s risk of burnout, managing thoughts from reality and the power of manifesting. 

Plus her advice for marketers and career highs and lows. 

Please note this episode contains explicit language.

Host: Abigail(Abby) Dixon FCIM/ICF | LinkedIn

Guest: Emma Harris| LinkedIn

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