Talent vs. Hard Work

Dan and Akin take on the age-old debate of talent vs. hard work, but from the perspective of how each is perceived, and therefore appreciated. When armed with insights uncovered by science, can individuals better sell their skills to the world?

 - Research Paper: 'Naturals and Strivers: Preferences and Beliefs about Sources of Achievement' by Chia-Jung Tsay and Mahzarin Banji

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Mike is former Editor of The Marketing Society and has worked - in an editorial and content capacity - for the Society from 2013 to early 2021. In 2018 he launched their podcast channel and relaunched their website mid-2019. He also created and launched their publication, Empower - producing 14 issues in his time as Editor.

He now freelances as an editor, writer and podcast creator for various organisations. On the side he's also a spoken word poet, screenwriter, film and tv blogger, and music critic.