Jo and Monique on finding their way of responding to this era of disruption

With the COP26 upon us, it’s making us all more acutely aware that we are living in a moment of profound disruption.

And I think it’s fair to say, we are all looking for our way to respond.

In today’s episode, Jo Higgins and Monique Barns talk about just this.

Monique is Brand Manager at Australia’s largest not-for-profit health insurer. And Jo is responsible for designing and building IAG’s future consent experience and bringing to life their purpose through her role as Customer Consent Strategy Lead.

They met through being on UN Women Australia's Sydney International

Women's Day Committee, and since then have been on a mission to realise their purpose in a number different ways. These two have been busy!

We talk about how they are contributing to the global conversation around female empowerment.

We talk about how they helped the President of Malawi position the messaging for a high-profile UN meeting and the COP26 with TIE Accelerator.

And we hear about the types of growth experiences they are after and why they engaged with TIE.

There are some pretty great stories here.

So grab your favourite beverage. Or throw on those running shoes and enjoy this wonderful chat with Jo and Monique.

We have opened entries for our next TIE Accelerator programme, kicking off mid-January 2022. This project will fill up fast.

This one is all about how the future of climate change is in the hands of 12-year old girls. You'll be helping to ensure girl's education is a strategic development priority. When this happens it's proven to be one of the strongest solutions to tackling the climate crisis.

Fascinating and SO important.Keen to broaden your horizons, break through boundaries and ultimately BE and DO more?

Reach out to learn more philippa@theinternationalexchange.co.uk or check out the video at apply.tieaccelerator.com. We'd love to work with you!

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