FMCG - How sustainability starts with us, the shopper - Helen Hepworth, Director - Collective Stories

“The fastest accelerator in FMCG is the shopper… “

We loved this conversation with Helen Hepworth, Director of Collective Stories – a - Category Management and Shopper Insight Consultancy

Helen’s been an FMCG expert for many years, working with a number of retailers, with a passion for product and category management. In this conversation we discuss the role shoppers and retailers play in driving positive impact when it comes to sustainability – and of course, the role marketing plays.

There’s so much packed into this 30 minute interview, we talk about shopping habits, consumption journeys and behaviour - how things are changing, discussing concepts such as circularity and refillable stations – and how it’s critical for retailers to think about how they involve the customer to support their own desires for more sustainable behaviour. That leads us to the concept of the retailers as gatekeepers, and why it’s important they ‘sell well’ to support people making good choices – and how loyalty cards and private label are powerful drivers in supporting sustainability, with some great examples from Tesco and Boots.

There are some big questions raised – particularly about when it comes to product and category management – and how brands and marketing have driven so much choice. Do we need it all? And how will refillable stations, naturally narrowing choice, reducing confusion and involving customer – impact how products and categories are managed and developed or ‘de-developed’ as we move forward? That leads us into a conversation about collaboration and partnerships and discussing brands and retailers that are getting it right.

From Helen’s perspective…whilst it’s so important to celebrate all progress…

 “Nobody has got this – journeys have started, started and veered off, started because they are looking for competitive advantage, rather than being the right thing to do – we need to do better.”

 This pod is an information and insights packed episode, let’s face it, we’re all part of the FMCG world, just look around our homes at all the products, labels, brands etc – and to that end, Helen is consistent about the power of the shopper

 “FMCG could absolutely could do more. It starts with us – the shopper and then cascades UP.”

Tune in… you’re going to love it. We certainly did. For more information about Helen and Collective Stories visit https://www.collectivestories.co.uk.

Our podcasts are currently being recorded purely via online conferencing platforms, we apologise for any minor sound quality issues.

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