Sustainable Marketing - A Consultant's View - The Practical Challenges Facing Marketers and Businesses.

Where to start - and what are the practical challenges facing businesses and marketing? This episode unpacks all things sustainable, as we are joined by sustainability consultant Sarah Duncan as she talks about how to approach sustainability and provides us with great insights and practical takeaways.

We also talk candidly about the role marketing has played in driving unsustainable behaviours and how it needs to use its powers for good in the fight to save the planet. Sarah is a sustainable business development and ethical marketing consultant, trainer, and author of The Ethical Business Book (Highly Commended in the Change and Sustainability category of the 2020 Business Book Awards).

She has been in business for over 30 years – starting with luxury hotels, then moving through private club and spa development in Asia, to setting up her own consultancy, Sleeping Lion, in 2005. An alumni of The Cambridge Institute of Sustainability Leadership, she helps businesses navigate their way through the world of business ethics and sustainability with advice, support and bespoke workshops.

Some useful resources we highlight in this conversation:

Enjoy the podcast - and any comments, questions, ideas, suggestions… get in touch.

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