Be Comfortable Being Uncomfortable with Laura Jordan Bambach

Laura Jordan Bambach is President and Chief Creative Officer at Grey, a force of nature, digital pioneer and long time friend. Her message is loud and clear. 

Without creativity there is no movement. There is no growth. There is no success. 

She shares how living with an arts community in a warehouse and how the unforgettable experience of working, living, creating collaboratively has influenced the way that she ( and I) approach business and leadership.

Her colourful stories are jam packed with examples of the unstoppable power of democratisation, collaboration, co-creation and community. 

Key takeaways :

  • Get comfortable with ambiguity 
  • Anything is possible if everyone in your team really believes it is
  • Digital transformation is not about tech … it’s about mindset and behaviours
  • Create opportunities for serendipity




Be Inspired. Be Imaginal. Be more Human.

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