The Whole Marketer Ep73 - Bravery with guest Gemma Greaves

Episode #73. Bravery is the focus of this episode – both a soft skill and an area of personal understanding.

For marketers, bravery is acknowledging and facing into challenges and despite the fear of the unknown, pushing forward with initiatives in the pursuit of positive change and growth. Bravery thrives when we adopt a growth mindset, embracing outcomes as positive wins, or learnings – but never a fail.

Joining Abby to discuss bravery for marketers is Gemma Greaves, ex-Marketing Society CEO, who is driven by making great connections and relationships with great people, through her business Nurture, and as founder of network Cabal, which Abby is a member of.

In this episode, Gemma shares what bravery means to her, being vulnerable, psychological safety and how marketers can show up to inspire bravery amongst others. Plus, Gemma’s career highs and lows and advice for marketers.

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