Sustainable Growth with Steve Challouma, Bird's Eye

From inflation to supply chain shocks to massive consumer shifts, the pandemic jolted us out of our everyday lives, forcing business leaders to rethink their operations in new and different ways. Most CEOs now rely on CMOs to drive long-term growth, who increasingly rely on purpose as a North Star to guide their marketing campaigns, and sustainability plays a key role in these efforts. Both consumers and companies are striving to make more sustainable decisions, but knowing how to do so isn’t always clear.

In this session, Katharina Schumacher, Partner at McKinsey’s Munich office and Steve Challouma, General Manager UK & Ireland at Birds Eye on their sustainability efforts will discuss the importance of sustainability-driven growth in the grocery sector.

Though this sector focused on product safety and hygiene during the pandemic, sustainability—the ability to produce and distribute food products with minimal environmental impact — remains crucial for consumers and companies alike. Moving forward, grocery sector executives need to figure out how to deliver against their commitments while empowering consumers to make sustainable choices.

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