Leaving a Legacy - with Pete Markey

Pete Markey is CMO at Boots UK, and a lovely man and very much an imaginal leader He leads the full marketing kit and caboodle: brand, marketing communications, data, loyalty and omni media planning and comms. He fully understands that his job as a leader is to unleash the potential of his colleagues. To leave a legacy. He’s a bit of a marketing star - and in his episode of Humans Leading Humans he explains how he “bottles the magic” of diverse thoughts and opinions to drive loyalty and performance. 

Not surprisingly, his episode is all about communication : not about how to talk at people, or tell them what he wants them to hear, but about real communication: about listening and creating a dynamic that encourages free thought, inspired new ideas, that welcomes opinions and build on what the other person has to say.

He shares tips for how 

  • To silence your problem-solving “know all” 
  • He harnesses comedy improv to encourage creative thinking 
  • The CREATE Framework™ helps him focus down on the most important pillars of leadership 


Be Inspired. Be Imaginal. Be more Human.


CREATE Framework https://www.katzkiely.com/create

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