Carbon Literacy - The Value of Climate Action, with Phil Korbel, Co-Founder Carbon Literacy Project

“We can’t be naive about the the cost of climate action, but the value of climate action is the key thing Carbon Literacy brings clarity to.”

Before you dive in to take a listen to the podcast to learn more about The Carbon Literacy Project and why being carbon literate offers a much needed cultural shift - embedded into our everyday lives and thinking, giving all of us a meaningful carbon instinct and motivated to take action - first, we ask you to ponder the question; how carbon literate are you?

According to recent research findings, sustainability is now the ‘fourth functional skill’ - and a recent CIM study, showcased that 40% of marketers said they did not have relevant sustainability qualifications, but would want one, revealing a desire to skill up.

Climate change impacts everyone and everyone has a role to play – and Carbon Literacy is the glue that helps bring that together.

In this highly informative episode, we speak to Phil Korbel, Co-Founder of The Carbon Literacy Project and Director of Advocacy. Phil shares exactly what the Carbon Literacy Project and the Carbon Literacy Trust is, how they work with organisations, and why the impact they drive with those using their frameworks to educate and embed learning, is both urgent and important.

We discuss real-world case studies where organisations, such as AutoTrader, have engaged with Carbon Literacy - and how it is now embedded strategically as part of workplace competence. Phil walks us through the process of Carbon Literacy training and, whether it’s the C-suite or shop floor, the many personal light bulb moments gleaned that drive meaningful impact.  

Of course, it’s not all smooth sailing, we discuss key challenges, and the many misconceptions around climate action. Phil tells us…

Acting on climate is not about having less – it’s about more… more connection, personal connection to the people, communities, and things around us that truly make us happy.

As usual, we reflect on the role of marketing, and in Phil’s view, marketing’s role in communication around carbon literacy is nothing short of essential.

Beside the enormous ethics around climate action – we talk about the role of business and leadership, and how leaders need to get on board with climate action to thrive and succeed in business, and do the right thing. 

At any level Carbon Literacy is going to change the way you work and live…

Tune in… 

Carbon Literacy.com info@carbonliteracy.com

For more information about Carbon Literacy - visit: www.carbonliteracy.com which provides loads of useful info. We’ve also designed a certified, Carbon Literacy Training for Marketers - which you can find more about here, and if you want to email the team at Carbon Literacy - their email is info@carbonliteracy.

Phil references, the CIM Summit, the wonderful work our Sustainable Marketer Manifesto Partners, Purpose Disruptors are doing (their podcast is here too) - so we’ve made those links accessible here in the show notes.

Our podcasts are currently being recorded purely via online conferencing platforms, we apologise for any minor sound quality issues.

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