Can Marketing Save the Planet - Ep 52: Marketing, mindset shifts and the pursuit of a Purpose Upgrade, with Paul Skinner (Part 1)

“ We need to route purpose in solving important solutions, developing meaningful solutions and reaching inclusive worthwhile outcomes that mobilise everyone we need in pursuit of that purpose.”

Our interview with Paul Skinner, Author, Founder of MarketingKind and Agency of the Future, is just soooo good, we’re doing it twice! In Part 1, Paul introduces the work he’s doing - and we dive into his latest book, ‘The Purpose Upgrade - Change your business to save the world, Change the world to save your business’.

Paul shares so much wisdom, we talk about how the nature of the problems humanity faces have become increasingly serious and urgent. To tackle them we can’t remain shackled in fixed thinking - “actions that gave rise to prior success, are the very things leading to tomorrow’s failures”.

What’s called for is a Purpose Upgrade. And we explore, reasons why purpose has fallen short, what’s required to upgrade purpose, reflecting and thinking about the bigger problems we need to solve and what that’s really going to take.

There’s so much packed into these two 30 minute episodes, Paul shares his vast wisdom, in his usual eloquent manner. Gemma and I found ourselves just nodding away, because he just makes so much sense, and is able to articulate it with a narrative and so many examples and much lived experience that inspires one to get excited about getting on board with a purpose upgrade.

Paul reminds us that, “we want marketing to take responsibility for developing much bigger stories of meaning and purpose that take stakeholders to a much better place” - and that as marketers we need to remain mindful that regardless of how great the stories we tell may be, “what’s more important are the stories our stakeholders tell each other. As marketers there’s opportunity for us to curate the stories that bring positive change to all our stakeholders - so no only do we need to get better at story telling, but also, story listening, story finding, story tuning, story editing - and of course ensuring we truly live up to our stories”.

Trust us… start with your Purpose Upgrade today, tune in, be inspired (and then catch Part 2 in a couple of weeks).

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