Can Marketing Save the Planet Ep 33 - Practical Steps to Building a Regenerative Business - Russ Avery, Avery & Brown

“Something always seems more achievable if someone else has done it.”

In this highly practical and engaging episode, we speak to Russ Avery, CEO of Avery & Brown, a sustainable marketing agency, supporting businesses on their purpose driven path, putting people and planet on par with profit.

When it comes to supporting businesses to be a practical force for good, Russ and team are very much walking the talk - showing and telling.

We talk ‘regenerative business’ and what Russ and Avery & Brown mean by that term, and indeed, he walks us through the outline of their Regenerative Business Map, a blueprint for businesses to get started and consider where they can make a positive impact - and how the Map focuses on wider societal aspects, interconnecting with the UN SDGs.

Russ shares the practical steps he’s taken to understand their carbon impact as an agency, how they chose independent verification and support and how they’re partnering with their local community and wider initiatives to drive change. Practical steps that all businesses can be inspired to take.

Of course, as a small start-up agency, he recognises there are many areas that have been significantly simpler for them - but so too, it’s inspiring for micro and smaller businesses to hear first hand the practical steps they too can take to make a significant collective difference. After all, climate change and responsible business is not someone else’s problem - and it’s going to take effort from businesses of all shapes and sizes to drive necessary and urgent shifts.

This conversations provides plenty of food for thought, inspiration and call to action. Great energy… you’ll be glad you spared 30 mins to tune in…

For more information about Avery & Brown - visit: www.averyandbrown.com and to access their Regenerative Business Map - visit our Learning Zone here. Russ references The Better Business Act and more on that can be found here.

Our podcasts are currently being recorded purely via online conferencing platforms, we apologise for any minor sound quality issues.

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