The Whole Marketer Ep80 - Marketing competencies with guest Raj Kumar

Episode #80. Marketing competencies is the topic featured in this episode; a topic we’ve covered previously but we believe it’s important to hear different perspectives from leading marketers across a broad range of sectors. 

Abby’s guest in this episode is Raj Kumar who brings his wealth of marketing experience from the financial services & tech industries. Raj’s previous roles include Experian, Nokia and Siemens and during his time in his most recent CMO role at Aviva, Raj’s leadership has been recognised through many awards, including Campaign’s Top 10 Marketers 2021 and Power 100 List 2021, and Marketing Week’s top 100 marketers 2021.  

In this episode, Raj discusses the role of marketers and how the skillset has changed (and in some ways lost its way) over the past 20 years. He shares his most important skillsets for marketers, tips for creating a culture of support and development for his teams as we all his career highs and lows. 

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Host: Abigail Dixon FCIM/ICF | LinkedIn

Guest: Raj Kumar | LinkedIn

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