The Whole Marketer Ep75 - Growth mindset with guest Bryony Thomas

Episode #75. Growth mindset is the personal understanding topic of this episode.

A growth mindset is about having the positive belief in yourself to learn and develop skills in order to achieve your goals. But it doesn’t happen overnight… those with a growth mindset know that change comes through consistency and hard work, but crucially they believe they CAN do it, even if they can’t do it YET.

Joining Abby to discuss growth mindset for marketers is Bryony Thomas – author, marketing coaching and CEO of Watertight Marketing, a business strategy consultancy.

In this episode, Bryony shares why a growth mindset is important – especially in marketing – being wary of instant gratification getting in the way of incremental progress and how best to apply your marketing qualifications. Plus, Bryony’s career highs and lows and advice for marketers.

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