Swimming Upstream with Amy Edmondson

Amy C Edmondson is an engineer, a researcher, teacher, bestselling writer, the Novartis Professor of Leadership and Management at the Harvard Business School, - and a key inspiration for my work. 

After an enviable start to her career, working with one of the 20th Century’s most original thinkers, Buckminster Fuller, Amy has dedicated her career to exploring how to create work environments where humans thrive, so business and society can thrive. 

In this wonderfully warm conversation, she shares crucial truths we all need to hear : The Illusion of excellence in enterprises is dangerous. Every company is a system. , a system littered with risks and opportunities for improvement. Your team should be seen and heard loud and clear. Those opportunities will only surface if you ask the right questions, make sure people feel safe to answer truthfully and really listen to the answers. Even though it may not feel good. 

Truth sayers should be the heroes of the piece, not the villains. As humans are hard wired to NOT speak out, you need to engineer clever ways to make sure they do…

… and last, but absolutely not least, everyone at every level should develop key leadership skills : Humility, empathy and curiosity.

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