Marketing Starter For Ten: leadership thinker Thomas Barta on why marketers need to be brave right now

For this Marketing Society podcast we have another episode in our series, Starter for Ten – a series of ten-minute talks from clever people in our network, talking about things of interest to marketers.

For this talk marketing leadership thinker, speaker and author and founder of The Marketing Leadership Masterclass and Honorary Fellow of Society, Thomas Barta, shares his thoughts on why marketers must be brave right now.

The next Marketing Leadership Masterclass is 15 September 2021 - head here to find out more.

Read more from Thomas on his blog and find him on LinkedIn. You can also watch his talk from The Marketing Society 2019 Annual Conference here.

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Mike is former Editor of The Marketing Society and has worked - in an editorial and content capacity - for the Society from 2013 to early 2021. In 2018 he launched their podcast channel and relaunched their website mid-2019. He also created and launched their publication, Empower - producing 14 issues in his time as Editor.

He now freelances as an editor, writer and podcast creator for various organisations. On the side he's also a spoken word poet, screenwriter, film and tv blogger, and music critic.