Know your number - How to calculate your carbon impact - and drive change personally and professionally - Richard Campbell, Marketing Director, Giki.

“Education comes first, knowledge sparks the curiosity to change lifestyle - but what comes next? What as an individual can I do? “

When it comes to your own personal carbon impact - do you ‘know your number’? ‘Know your number’ is the mantra from the team at Giki - and in this podcast we speak to Richard Campbell, Marketing Director at Giki.

We learn about Giki’s purpose, how it got started - and how as a a purpose driven organisation it helps people to be more sustainable at work and at home.

Through Giki Zero Pro, an employee engagement resource, supporting employees and employers to reduce carbon impact at scale, and via Giki Zero, a free app for any individual to calculate their current carbon impact score - Richard explains and shares examples of how Giki is driving education, supporting people with practical advice, through personal lifestyle plans, engaging employees and importantly driving significant collective impact beyond carbon reduction.

We discuss how education is a key catalyst for people getting on board with making changes. ‘Knowing your number’, and understanding how little changes can collectively drive bigger impact, starts with education. Naturally, that leads us to the role of marketing…

“As marketers, I see driving purpose and sustainability as our job, using the expertise we have as business leaders, communicators, and storytellers to drive profits with purpose and impact.”

Whether you’re struggling with practicalities of what you can do - or what your organisation can do as a collective, or are looking for new ways to engage and unite to drive more impact, tune in. Lots of practical takeaways and inspiration guaranteed.

For more information about Giki Zero, Giki Zero Pro visit www.giki.earth and you’ll find their App on our Learning Zone to download too.

Our podcasts are currently being recorded purely via online conferencing platforms, we apologise for any minor sound quality issues.

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