Fewer, bigger, better | Paul Thomas, Daniel Grass and Simon Garnett discuss effectiveness through focus

Fewer, bigger, better. Paul Thomas (ex-Head of Insight Asahi), Daniel Grass, (ex-Marketing Director Peroni) and Simon Garnett from The Forge on how to focus to deliver more effective marketing.

We all know that fewer, bigger, better makes for more effective marketing, so why do we struggle to do it? In this episode, Society Editor, Mike Piggott, introduces a discussion between Paul Thomas, ex-Head of Insight at Asahi, Daniel Grass, ex-Marketing Director at Peroni and Simon Garnett, Founder at customer strategy consultancy The Forge, about improving marketing effectiveness through focus. Having spent the last few months interviewing clients about the challenges in bringing focus to marketing, Simon, Paul and Daniel will be sharing their findings and proposing how we can increase marketing effectiveness by doing fewer things better. 

If you would like to read more about The Forge’s approach to doing fewer things better, you can download a free copy of their whitepaper: How to Create a Winning Customer Strategy.

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