A Global Conversation: evolving role of the CMO

In a rapidly evolving world, what has changed for CMOs in 2020 and what does the future look like? This month’s conversation looked at the role of the CMO and the challenges they face(budgets, teams, advertising ethics) as we move into the next phase post-COVID. How are they adapting their business models? How do they build back better? What is important to them right now and what do they want to achieve in 2021? This session was moderated by Sophie Devonshire, Chief Executive, The Marketing Society, who was joined by: Seraphina Wong, Chief Marketing Officer, ASTRI (Hong Kong), Freddie Covington, Senior Vice President, Head of Marketing & Cross Border, Asia Pacific, Visa (Singapore), Cara Chambers, Marketing Director, International Beverages (Scotland), Nikhil Rastogi, Head of Marketing head, Dyson India (India), Sam Grant, former CMO, Samsung and Coca-Cola, and Paul Graham, Marketing & Communications Director, Moet Hennessy.

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